Cosmos Cold: Tim (Spooky Green) [Pre-order: ships on May/June 2020]

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THIS IS A PRE-ORDER: the figure is expected to ship by May/June, 2020.
Prototype shown: final product may have slight differences.

Poor Tim... He wasn't prepared for this. As he was approaching a mysterious lost station, he felt anxiety rising in him. Still, he couldn't ignore the rescue signal. If only he knew...

Tim is a key character for the Cosmos Cold story, which would soon be unfold in an upcoming comics. I’ve personally had a lot of fun playing with this guy and I think I’ve finally reached my goal to make a toy which is really fun to play.

•Hand casted resin
•3 inches tall (1/24 scale)
•6 points of articulation (balljointed head, swivels in the arms and legs, rotating waist)
•Includes pistol and a flashlight
•Removable helmet (+ articulated visor)
•Detachable chest armor
•Packaged in a resealable blister card

•This is a handmade figure, so please excuse slight imperfections;
•Once the item's shipped, you will receive an email with tracking number.